Escot Bus Lines Employment Opportunities Charter Bus Frequently asked questions Escot Bus Lines Read More Below

Escot Bus Lines Employment Opportunities Charter Bus Frequently Asked Questions Escot Bus Lines Read More Below

Charter Bus Frequently Asked Questions

What is a charter bus?

A charter bus is a large coach that is hired by an organization to transport a group of people to a destination determined by the group’s coordinator. Charter buses are the most popular option for group traveling and are used to travel short and long distances comfortably. Many organizations rely on charter buses due to convenience, cost efficiency, and safety. However, there are many other reasons to consider using a charter bus for your group’s next trip.

Charter buses are ideal for large and small groups alike, as they can accommodate just about any number of travelers. Some of your group members, such as children, senior citizens or disabled members, may not be able to transport themselves. By hiring a charter bus, you can rest easy knowing that every member of your group will be able to travel and participate in your scheduled event. Groups use charter buses to travel to a variety of events such as athletic competitions, school field trips, sporting events, family reunions, corporate events or even when traveling for fun.

Traveling with a charter bus means eliminating a variety of stressful factors that come with relying on group members to travel independently. Whether it is coordinating times, organizing carpools, paying for tolls or providing directions, relying on a large group to travel independently will add expenses and complications to any trip. The last thing any event coordinator needs when arranging a trip is more stress, expenses or complications. By hiring a charter bus, you can travel peacefully knowing that the members of your group will all show up together, on time, and without any further complications.

What is a charter service?

Traveling as a group can be stressful and challenging to organize when members must transport themselves individually. A charter service is a privately contracted motor coach service dedicated to meeting your group’s traveling needs by organizing large buses to transport large groups of people. Most charter bus services pick up passengers from convenient pick-up points such as a parking lot or an airport, however some groups may need special pick-up and departure locations. Some groups have specific needs and may require specialized accommodations or amenities for traveling. At ESCOT Bus Lines, we ensure that our fleet of charter buses are clean, well-serviced and fully equipped to transport your organization comfortably and safely.

Charter services are a fantastic cost-efficient option for large groups that need to travel together, such as field trips, corporate events, wedding parties, athletic competitions or family reunions. Whether you are planning a day trip or an extensive multi-day trip, you can eliminate several stressful factors of group traveling such as coordinating travel times, carpools, and directions for several drivers by hiring a charter service. From the moment you call to schedule your trip to the moment our drivers bring you back home, ESCOT can plan and execute a successful trip for any size organization.

ESCOT charter services only hires professional and experienced personnel. Our drivers are randomly drug and alcohol tested and will safely lead the way to your group’s destination. Call our highly trained sales staff today; they will help you select the best charter bus and even help you plan the itinerary for your next group excursion.

How much does it cost to charter a bus?

At ESCOT Bus Lines, we offer several specifications and services you can choose from that will affect the price of the charter bus you select for your group. ESCOT is constantly improving and expanding the charter bus options we offer, ensuring that your needs are met at an affordable rate. Our entire fleet of coaches are safe and comfortable, meaning that no matter how low your budget is, you will travel comfortably and safely.

There are several factors that affect the cost of chartering a bus. You can charter a bus for short distances such as day trips to Miami, Orlando or Tampa, or you can charter a bus for longer, multi-day excursions. Charter buses can be rented for several hours, an entire day, several days or even an entire season. The size of your group will also determine the size of bus you need, thus affecting cost. We have charter buses of varied sizes. This means you will not be forced pay for several seats you won’t be using. We also have amenities including audio-visual equipment and Wi-Fi as well as ADA-equipped buses for passengers needing special accommodations.

By chartering a bus instead of forcing group members to travel independently, you are saving money on parking, tolls and gas. Chartering a bus as a group prevents the stress of coordinating rides and making sure all of the members of your group arrive to the destination together, safely and on time. Contact us today to speak to one of our expert sales staff members to get a free quote online.

How many seats are on a charter bus?

Our top priority at ESCOT Bus Lines is to provide excellent charter bus services, accommodations and amenities at an affordable price. We want you and those you are traveling with to have a comfortable trip, and we will do everything we can to customize and assure that your group’s traveling needs are met. Our top priority is helping you plan the perfect trip for you and your group, starting with selecting the best charter bus option.

ESCOT charter buses come in different styles and sizes, offering a variety of accommodations and amenities. Our smallest charter bus has 38 climate-controlled seats amongst other amenity choices such as Wi-Fi. The next size up is our spacious 47 seat charter bus. Our largest charter bus can accommodate up to 56 people in a luxurious, deluxe motor coach fully equipped with 56 climate-controlled seats. This ensures that no matter what the weather is like outside, you will feel comfortable while seated inside of our coaches. The number of people that can fit on our charter buses could be affected should any group members require ADA accessibility, or specialized equipment. The most important factor in determining which size charter bus to rent depends on what accommodations or amenities your group needs.

We want your trip to go smoothly and for all of our passengers to be comfortable and safe. Our friendly sales staff can help you select the best option for the traveling needs of your group. As always, our goal is to provide flexibility and accommodate the traveling needs of your organization, from point A to point B and back.

How many people fit on a charter bus?

Here at ESCOT Bus Lines, we have worked very hard to ensure that our customers are provided excellent service in addition to comfort and ease when planning to use our charter services. We make it our top priority to ensure your comfort aboard our deluxe charter buses. We have charter buses of varied sizes, including our smaller 38 passenger bus, our 47 passenger charter bus, as well as our largest deluxe charter option that offers climate-controlled seats and can luxuriously accommodate up to 56 people.

Although we are able to fit 56 passengers comfortably on our deluxe charter buses, there are a variety of factors that may influence the number of passengers that can fit on a deluxe charter bus. For example, should your group require ADA accessibility or other specialized equipment, the number of passengers we can accommodate on the deluxe bus may be affected. ESCOT has designated “priority seating” at the front of its coaches for passengers with disabilities. Charter buses with lifts can also be arranged in order to secure wheelchairs on the coach. We want all of our passengers to feel safe and be able to enjoy the ride.

Keeping all of this in mind, it does not mean we are not able to service a group larger than 56. We can easily make arrangements for several smaller or larger buses in order to accommodate your specific needs. You can arrange for a combination of our 38 passenger, 47 passenger as well as our 56 passenger coaches. Our goal is to provide flexibility and accommodate your traveling needs for you and your organization, from point A to point B and back.

Can I rent a charter bus for a day?

ESCOT Bus Lines provides different charter bus options including a variety of seating options, specialized accommodations, and luxurious amenities. In addition to these options, we offer you the flexibility to rent a charter bus for any amount of time you need. Our deluxe charter buses are designed to provide a fun and comfortable ride for any group, for any kind of trip. You can rent any of our charter buses for several hours, one day, several days or even an entire season. Our top priority is meeting all of your group traveling needs in addition to providing excellent customer service, safety and comfort.
By renting an ESCOT charter bus, you can start any vacation or business event off right by removing the stress of commuting. Many groups use our services for day trips such as traveling to theme parks, beaches, museums, casinos or professional sporting events. By traveling as a group, you avoid the complications of traffic, parking and even toll fees. Organizing travel arrangements for wedding guests may include service to the rehearsal the day before the big event and then the ceremony, reception and back to a central location on the day of. This is a great option to consider when there are a lot of out-of-town guests. We offer a variety of charter buses and are equipped to provide ADA accessibility, making the journey comfortable for any rider in your group. Our charter buses can pick up passengers from centralized pick-up points like parking lots, or they can pick up passengers from other specified departure locations. Contact one of our highly trained sales staff today, so they can help you create an itinerary for your next group trip.