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Charter Bus Rental for Tours by ESCOT Bus Lines Tour Bus
Charter Rental
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Tour Bus Charter Rental

Whether you’re a tour operator or planning a multi-day road trip for your friends, ESCOT offers the perfect vehicle to meet your needs. Our fleet includes two sizes of comfortable modern charter buses.

Bus Options

  • 56 Passenger Charter Bus
  • 38 Passenger Mini Bus

ESCOT Tour Charter Bus Rentals Include -

  • Multi-day Road Trips
  • Tour Series Transportation
  • Educational Tour Transportation
  • Local Tour Transportation
During the summer, traditionally a quiet time for Florida carriers, ESCOT does a great deal of contracted long distance tours, even some going from coast to coast. A combination of late model equipment, first rate maintenance, and quality drivers, most with several years of over the road experience, enables them to range throughout the United States and Canada.
Although the long distance charters are important to the business, ESCOT keeps several buses at home during the summer months to take care of their local clientele, which includes church groups, mobile home parks, senior citizen organizations, and local tour operators. Quality service combined with careful planning and hard work keeps ESCOT’s equipment busy all year long and provides a solid foundation for ESCOT’s growth into the 21st century.