ESCOT’s Government Bus Contract services can help your government organization in several ways. Here are just a few ways we can be of service to you.

Perhaps you would like to ease traffic congestion and help the public avoid parking issues by offering a free shuttle service to a popular destination within the Orlando or Tampa Bay areas. ESCOT can offer scheduled or recurring shuttle service so that residents and tourists can park in a convenient location and board a shuttle to and from hotspots. Consequently, visitors and residents alike will be more encouraged to frequent these areas and patronize local businesses.

Currently, ESCOT contracts with the city of St. Petersburg to operate the highly successful “Park Once Shuttle” program. This weekend shuttle service provides transportation from parking garages to several downtown destinations. ESCOT also has a contract with the city of Orlando to provide parking lot shuttle services at the Citrus Bowl for professional soccer and basketball games as well as for concerts and other special events. Contact ESCOT if you would like to start a similar transportation program in your city!

Another way ESCOT can assist you is through a government employee shuttle service similar to our corporate employee shuttle services. ESCOT can work with your Orlando or Tampa Bay area-based government organization to create and implement an ongoing transportation plan for employees. We will establish pick-up and drop-off locations, work out route logistics, and provide reliable shuttle service.

Employee shuttle services make commutes safer, greener, and easier. Your staff will appreciate avoiding parking and traffic issues as they save both time and money. If you are interested in meeting green initiatives and reducing traffic congestion in your area, contact ESCOT about creating a government employee shuttle system.

Use our free quote form or call us toll-free at 888-571-7778  to talk to one of our transportation specialists. Further contact information can be found here: